KiNSHiP PLACE almost built

KiNSHiP PLACE almost built

Fun On Announcement Day!

Fun On Announcement Day!

Saturday 27 September 2014

Kinship Place 2014 Season

It has been awhile, but definitely not a mundane time! So much has happened this past season and we are so very grateful for every person and organization that has helped us get to this point! There are a few special mentions here: Allan MacMaster MLA (Allan has been an invaluable supporter of this project from day one and we would not be where we are today without his help THANK- YOU ALLAN!), The Office of Health & Wellness (Province of Nova Scotia came through with funding and paid off the playground project THANK-YOU LARRY MAXWELL & MR. GALLANT and MINISTER GLAVINE), The Central Inverness Health Board & Cape Breton District Health Authority (For helping fund the new post & rope fence) and lastly but most sincerely Lisa & Leo Heukshorst (Leo & Lisa have taken the project to the next level and by giving much of their time, talent and resources they have created a beautiful community green space for all to enjoy, all of the landscaping, plants, soil, fertilizer, trees, mulch...etc., it is all Leo & Lisa and we are so very Thankful to them)! Our playground committee really is overwhelmed and overjoyed at the direction this project has taken and what has been accomplished by the community people and organizations in such a short time. THANK YOU MABOU, pat yourselves and everyone else on the back, our community rocks and none of this would be possible without you! YEAH MABOU!

Monday 16 September 2013

Kinship Place is BUILT!

Okay we apologize for not posting much in the last while….As it stands Kinship Place is a reality THANKS to you! We are so lucky to be surrounded by such a depth of talent, generosity and resources in this community, I would not dare venture even a guess as to the amount of “inkind” volunteer hours and equipment that went into building Kinship Place! Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU! In the begi...nning of this process the Mabou Playground Committee made up a list of goals for the project. They were as follows:
1. To provide a safe and inclusive venue for our children to play and make friends
2. To create and strengthen the bond between generations in our community by bringing people together and creating a multi-generational space.
3. To increase volunteerism
4. To teach our children by example and inclusion the value of community and volunteering.
5. To create and re-spark community spirit and pride! YEAH MABOU

I think anyone present through the build process could physically check the above goals off and I think that by doing so, although these were the goals that guided us through the process I am unsure if we ever believed we could accomplish them, so again thank you.
…And to be able to do all of this in memory of Tracey MacDonell-MacDougall, we were so very honoured! A deep heartfelt thank you to Ian & Mary Jane, Francis, Addison and Lori Anne for allowing us to honour Tracey, her spirit was certainly celebrated and felt on build day and throughout this whole process…..hugs At this point we feel it inappropriate to name individual names of those who gave of their time and talent as sooo many people have given, just know that we as a committee and as parents of young children and as community members are very grateful for what you have helped create. Please help us maintain Kinship Place, there will be little projects happening throughout the next few weeks and into the spring, bear with us and if you would like to help out you are certainly welcome at any time! There are still some bills coming in, and we are still accepting donations and for now they can be made at the East Coast Credit Union Mabou Branch – Playground Account or you can mail a cheque payable to: Mabou & District Community Development Association P.O. Box 232 Mabou, N.S. B0E 1X0. Thank you all again so very much, and the best part is that Kinship Place since it has opened has lived up to its name and has been a very well used gathering place for children, parents, grandparents and caregivers!

Friday 30 August 2013

Support Kinship Place Online!

We now have an online account with for donations for our playground! We set a goal of $5000.00, and hope that with your help we will reach it! Just click on the link: to donate! Thanks for your support!!

Monday 19 August 2013

In Loving Memory of Tracey MacDonell MacDougall

The Mabou Community Playground Committee is a wonderful fun loving group of mothers in the Mabou area, we have decided that this park will be in honour of the spirit of motherhood!  To top that off we have chosen to dedicate this park in memory of Tracey MacDonell MacDougall (daughter of Ian & Mary Jane MacDonell) a wonderful woman and mother who is no longer with us.  Tracey's grace and spirit will live on through everyone lucky enough to have known her!  This park will be in celebration of Tracey's life, memory and spirit!

Tuesday 6 August 2013


Yeah, here is our playground design!!!  The only things missing from this mock up are the disc swing and the digger!  The playground is ordered and coming soon!!!!! We now have a set fundraising goal, so please support our efforts!!  Donations can be made at the Credit Union in Mabou, or you can send a cheque payable to Mabou & District Community Development Association (Playground) P.O. Box 232 Mabou N.S., B0E 1X0.  Also get your tickets for August 22nd, on the Mabou Marina Pub Night with Eddie Cummings (tickets are being sold in advance by playground committee members)!

Thursday 18 July 2013

Children Please Draw Us Some Pictures!

Hi Everyone! Fresh from a committee meeting, things are coming together nicely. We would like to ask any interested youths to draw us a picture of "their favourite day at the playground/park", please sign their names and ages to the picture. Pictures can be dropped off at the Post Office in Mabou. Or mailed if you are out of town, to P.O. Box 232 Mabou, N.S. B0E 1X0. We would like to get as many pictures as possible, please ask your children to participate! We will look forward to seeing their creations....Thanks:)

Wednesday 17 July 2013

Great Day!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who came to pick out equipment for the new playground!  We have tallied our results!  Ground work will be starting soon, and some fundraisers are up and coming, will fill you all in very soon!  Until then have a great day.  Look for our float in the Ceilidh Days parade.  Spark the Spirit!

Wednesday 10 July 2013

Pick Out Your Equipment!

We need your input help us pick out our playground equipment on Sunday July 14th from 11am-1pm at the Mabou Hall. On this day, we are going to have preschool and school-aged youths participate in the process of choosing our new playground equipment. This way they will be completely involved in the process and will have a say in the end result, which is important since they are going to be the ones using the equipment.

Wednesday 3 July 2013

YAHOOOO! Mabou is getting a playground!

AMAZING turnout at our big announcement this evening, thank you all so very much, such an amazing community! Mabou is going to build an awesome community playground. Build day is September 7th, please check out our blogspot often for information.  Playground donations can be made at the East Coast Credit Union, Mabou Branch, or by mail (cheque payable to Mabou Development Playground P.O. Box 232 Mabou, N.S. B0E 1X0.  HUGE THANK YOU TO MABOU you guys are the best!  Check us out on facebook by clicking the Like us on Facebook link.  Keep you posted!

Friday 28 June 2013

YEAH Mabou!!

We cannot wait to tell you what has got us so excited! Please know that we are working very hard to get our announcement off the ground and kick start our project in true "Mabou" style.  There will be a big announcement at the Mabou Community Hall on Wednesday July 3rd, 2013 at 7pm.  This really is a celebratory moment for the whole community of Mabou & District and beyond.  We are very much encouraging everyone's attendance (community members, stakeholders, supporters)!  Hope to see you there, this is a very family orientated event so take the whole crew!